Campaign Briefing

A Better Banners project manager will help you choose the right solution and walk you through the entire process. We work for you, which means we handle all contact with ex. media agencies.

We build your Creative

After receiving all assets, our designers and developers will build your creative. We adjust everything until you're 100% satisfied. The entire approval proccess in done automatically through our system.

Delivery and Launch

Our delivery team will quality test your creative and send the necessary tags or files to the relevant recipient. Either way, we ensure that your campaign goes live smoothly and everything works perfectly!

Performance Reporting

At the end of your campaign, you’ll receive a full summary detailing performance - this in addition to the real-time data that’s always available through our web-based platform.

Better Banners is
an agency’s best friend

Our graphic insight, broad product range and extensive technical know-how has made us the best friend of agencies. The creatives at advertising agencies finally have a playmate who understands them and project managers have discovered an exciting new solution for clients.

Media agencies benefit from creative new opportunities that are proven to increase sales, while ad placement agencies can present cutting edge technology and measurable products with internet advertising that is more enjoyable for advertisers and internet users alike. There are no limitations.

Better Banners demands attention
You have the campaign message and graphics. And we have a team of banner experts who are used to tight deadlines, strange files and unusual file formats. They can work their magic on all platforms and reach your customers on tablets, desktops and mobiles – quickly, efficiently and creatively. We are in a rapidly evolving industry and Better Banners does not just follow in the latest developments – we create them.

So when you think about interactive and attention-grabbing banner advertising, think of us.

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Better Banners is
easy to understand

These days, everything can be measured. Even in real time. So we make sure that you stay up-to-date with all the statistics you can handle. But we don’t stop there. Because statistics are one thing – understanding and using this data is quite another. And this is one of our specialties. We provide visualized data that makes the information easy to understand and gives true insight.

And we are always ready to talk about how this mountain of data can be used to create Better Banners that capture more clicks and generate higher traffic and increased sales.

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Better Banners has
plenty of space

We can talk about click tags, ad serving and hosting, but we have found that our customers just want to be sure that everything works. And it does! At Better Banners, we have plenty of server space and can run anything, anytime, anywhere. In other words: forget all about technical limitations.

And if you are also a bit geeky – like us – we can have a good talk about load times, performance analyses and cutting edge technology. In fact, we would love to talk about it, so be careful about sending us off on a tangent.

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