Better Banners
generates increased sales

The world is full of annoying online advertising and that’s just not good enough, because banners must work. They have to inspire people to click, interact, choose, try and buy. That’s why Better Banners exists.

In fact, it’s the only reason we exist. Because there are loads of talented media planners, good display networks, advertising spaces and providers, but far too few specialists in the development and production of technological creative solutions that work.

At Better Banners, we have specialized in just that. And it works! Our customers enjoy much stronger performance, significantly higher click rates and greatly enhanced interaction with their customers than companies that choose traditional online advertisements and banners.

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Better Banners is
a movement

We are fighting for quality, innovation and attention. First and foremost on behalf of our customers, but certainly also on behalf of all the internet users exposed every day to boring, incompetent and uninspired online advertising.

It can be done better – and it is. We are proud to be the leading banner experts and to fight for this cause every day!

Better Banners does one thing
At Better Banners, we are specialists. To the extreme. We don’t make websites, creative apps, brochures or media plans. In fact, we simply power the creative concepts, ideas and universes of others with our graphic understanding and insight. And we use our creativity to shape and deliver the latest technology, the coolest functionality and everything that makes a tangible impact.

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Need better banners?

If you need inspiration for an upcoming campaign or would just like to chat about banners, then feel free to drop by our offices.

You can expect to meet a bunch of creative banner experts at their screens who are willing to provide guidance on effects and functionality – so just ask, and be prepared for a good answer!